Why and how should you write blogs?

Dear friends around the globe, welcome to my first blog. I have just started writing a fiction novel and thought about sharing something about what led me to do so. Writing is like a pain killer. It switches off, as long as your write, all pending problems around your world (Except if you are in a war zone !). My personal life has seen many rough weathers and yet the power of self belief and sheer determination has kept me going. A few life hacks have kept me fighting fit, but I will explain them in a later blog.
Self publishing technology has changed over the last few decades dramatically. Earlier even great writers had to run around publishing houses to get their manuscript published. However, that problem has been mostly solved by several online free publishing software like kindle, google books etc. Ability to earn per download or something similar has made several rich authors in no time. Many authors write blogs and that can be commercialized as well.
 Coming back to how to write a blog, here is a short checklist:
you must know what you are writing, language should be correct and precise. Give correct information. Read a lot to understand writing styles of famous writers. Let go of writing styles that bruise the strings of your heart, hold on to those that play them in symphony. Practicing these should give you enough fire power for general writing on blogging sites. Wait for a few months and a few dozen blogs before magic happens and your blogs start pulling netizens.
A few words on my upcoming kindle fiction novel, it would be a crime and mystery thriller. The novel shall take you to the world of an honest police officer who goes through several trials of life and a few interesting crime files. Hope to put in on kindle store by 30th December 2016. Please do keep track of the book.